Career Spotlight: Work Comp Underwriting

  • Meet Leo Carlino
    “From day one, I knew I wasn’t just working for a pay check. ICW Group’s culture and positive momentum have empowered me to live the ‘Power of One’ ideal.”
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  • Meet Renee McFadden
    “Having autonomy in decision making coupled with strong technical resources to provide learning where needed is invaluable.”
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  • Meet Nathan Pick
    “ICW Group gives you the chance to share your ideas and pursue your dreams with a hardworking team that is dedicated to your professional success.”
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ICW Group is growing at a strong, sustainable rate! One of the reasons we are so successful, is because we have passionate business development underwriters (BDUs) that continually deliver on one of our core values—elevating the agents and brokers that sell our products in the eyes of their clients.

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Every year, we expand our national footprint, and are looking for BDUs to join our workers’ compensation underwriting team. As a BDU, you’ll enjoy a work-life that fosters innovation, rewards achievement and encourages professional development.

CEO of Your Territory

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then you’re poised for greatness at ICW Group. Our BDUs are the points of contact for agents and brokers. Overseeing both underwriting and marketing initiatives ensures you grow to become your agents’ business partner. You decide how to go about fostering relationships, and building your book of business.

No one likes to be micromanaged—so we trust you to do your job. As a BDU, we give you the support and tools necessary to succeed, as well as the autonomy and freedom to do so.

Empowering Your Success

Because you are our customers’ go-to expert, the company will pay for any relevant license and designations, as well as continuing education requirements. We understand that life is a continual learning journey and support Team Members that want to expand their knowledge base.

Here, your work-life won’t get mundane. We’re open to you working strategically on special projects or getting involved in enterprise-level committees that direct the company’s wellness, innovation and employee engagement initiatives. Additionally, if you have a forte in a vertical or special market, you’re welcome to concentrate on that.

Along with earning a competitive salary, you can earn bonuses based on your performance and your team’s overall success.

Power of One

We believe deeply in our “Power of One” ideal—the value that every Team Member can make a positive difference for our company and our customers. Your voice matters and company leaders want to hear from you—some of our best ideas have come from our frontline Team Members!

If you want to join a company where you are empowered to succeed professionally, and have a hand in shaping the future of a growing company, then ICW Group is the workplace for you!