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With ICW Group’s HR OnDemand, you gain instant access to an entire team
of experienced human resource advisors. Whatever question you have, from
workforce issues to federal, state or local compliance matters, you’ll get
accurate, actionable advice from HR professionals with years of experience.

  • No time to research? Let HR OnDemand do it for you.
  • Easily find documents and policies for hiring, time off and employee performance.
  • Enjoy free webinars — including HRCI & SHRM accredited CE courses.
  • Reduce employment liability and legal risks. It’s all included!

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Types of questions customers ask HR OnDemand

What is required to properly terminate an employee?

How will changes to the minimum wage impact my business?

How do I know I’m classifying independent contractors correctly?

What do we do about a discrimination claim?

Is our compensation in line with industry averages?

How do I increase my employee performance?

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Proudly partnering with ThinkHR

ICW Group’s HR OnDemand is powered by ThinkHR, an industry-leading HR services provider, delivering advice, tools and training to keep companies compliant and help them grow.

FAQ’s about HR OnDemand

How much does HR OnDemand cost?
It’s free for our policyholders! HR OnDemand provides you with expert HR advice and knowledge solutions designed to help your company thrive — at no cost to you.
Can anyone in my company use HR OnDemand?
HR OnDemand is available to anyone in your company that deals with HR issues — HR professionals, owners, executives and managers. Simply have them complete the Sign Up for HR OnDemand form.
I just became a policyholder. Can I get HR OnDemand?
Yes! Whether you’ve been an ICW Group policyholder for a while or are brand new, Sign up for HR OnDemand and you’ll be on your way to receiving trusted HR advice.
What if I’m no longer an ICW Group policyholder?
HR OnDemand is a value-added service only available to ICW Group policyholders during the term of their workers’ compensation policy. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future.
What is ThinkHR?
To provide HR OnDemand, ICW Group has partnered with ThinkHR, a leading human resource solutions company. ThinkHR combines live HR expertise with innovative online technology to deliver trusted HR knowledge solutions and advice you can trust. To learn more about ThinkHR, visit

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