Heat Illness Prevention

Working in extreme heat or hot environments can be dangerous. Exposure may result in injuries, disease, reduced productivity and death. Luckily, most heat-related illnesses, whether indoor or outdoor, are preventable. Make heat safety part of your overall safety program. Use our complimentary resources below to keep employees safe.

Webinars to help you beat the heat

Beat the Heat & Keep Your Cool: Outdoors

Heat illness is deadly. In fact, each year thousands of workers succumb to heat exposure. Now that it is starting to heat up, safety is essential for your outdoor workers! The good news is heat illnesses and related deaths are preventable.

  • 10 steps to prevent heat illness.
  • How to increase employee awareness.
  • Easy, actionable safety tips.
  • Regulations that impact your operations.

See the Beat the Heat and Keep Your Cool: Outdoors webinar ›

Webinar: Beat the Heat and Keep Your Cool: Outdoors

Beat the Heat & Keep Your Cool: Indoors

When it comes to heat, indoor workers can face the same hazards as outdoor workers. Summer temperatures are exacerbated by inadequate ventilation and equipment generating heat. Customers in such industries as machine shops, foundries, packing houses, etc., who have workplaces reaching above 80° will find this webinar beneficial.

  • 10 easy steps to reduce heat illness risk.
  • Key training elements for supervisors and employees.
  • Implementing a heat illness prevention program in your workplace.

See the Beat the Heat and Keep Your Cool: Indoors webinar ›

Webinar: Beat the Heat and Keep Your Cool: Indoors

Heat illness prevention materials

Tips to Prevent Indoor Heat Illness

Promote heat illness prevention with these tips.

Download PDF
Heat Illness - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Use this hand-out when training employees.

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Stay Cool Poster

Learn how to avoid heat stress and stay cool with this poster.

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Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Quiz

This short quiz helps to reinforce training.

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10 Tips to Beat the Heat Indoors Flyer

Post this flyer to encourage heat illness prevention.

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Heat Illness Prevention Plan

Edit this plan for your own company.

Heat Illness “Know the Difference”

Learn the difference between heat exhaustion and stroke.

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Agricultural Safety Poster

Prevent heat stress with these tips for agricultural workers.

Heat Illness – Symptoms, Procedures, Precautions

Use this document when training employees.


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