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Get helpful materials on these topics:

General emergency planning - planning and checklists

Natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, wildfires, hurricanes

Workplace violence - active shooter, terrorism

Technical and biological disasters - hydrofluoric acid, bloodborne pathogens

General emergency planning

Although you don’t control when and where a disaster strikes, you control how you prepare for one. Use these helpful tools to prepare your business for emergencies.
Emergency Preparedness – Train the Trainer
Prepare your contingency plan with this step-by-step guide.
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Workplace Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Prepare for a wide range of emergencies with this checklist.
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Emergency Action Plan Wizard
Create a customizable OSHA emergency plan.
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Fire Prevention Checklist
Develop a comprehensive fire prevention policy with this checklist.
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Resources to help you plan

Natural disasters

Be prepared to handle the unexpected. These helpful guides will assist you through whatever comes your way.
Earthquake Safety Preparedness
What you need to consider before, during and after an earthquake.
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Flood Preparedness and Response
Use this checklist to prepare for a flood at your business.
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Wildfire Preparedness
Tips to protect your business if a wildfire impacts your area.
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4 Steps to Hurricane Preparedness
Follow these four steps to get your business through the next hurricane.
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Tornado Safety Basics
This Safety Talk and quiz walks your workers through tornado safety.
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Workplace violence

Natural disasters are not the only emergencies businesses can face. Also consider workplace violence when establishing your preparedness plan.
Violence in the Workplace
Training on how to protect your workers from violence in the workplace.
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Terrorism – Disarming the Threat
This Safety Talk evaluates your workplace vulnerability.
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Active Shooter: How to Respond
Department of Homeland Security’s active shooter response guide.
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Active Shooter: Quick Reference Guide
Quick reference guide to responding to an active shooter.
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Technical and biological disasters

Chemical disasters can wreak havoc on your business and cause harm to your workforce. Use these guides to keep your workers safe.
Hydrofluoric Acid Safety
What you should know about hydrofluoric acid safety.
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Bloodborne Pathogens
OSHA hazard communication guidelines and planning tool.
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