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How to Analyze Health and Safety Hazards in Your Workplace


A Job Hazard Analysis, or JHA, helps you identify hazards that need to be eliminated or controlled so you can prevent injury, illness and death. Watch our safety training webinar and learn 7 steps to a successful Job Hazard Analysis.

Join our webinar to learn how to analyze health and safety hazards in your workplace.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Identify task-specific hazards
  • Get to the root cause of injuries
  • Develop an Accident Prevention Program
  • Understand acceptable vs. unacceptable risks
5 Tips for Impactful Safety Observations

Download these helpful job hazard analysis resources

Webinar Presentation Handout
ICW Group's Job Hazard Analysis Webinar Presentation Deck.
Download PDF
Job Hazard Analysis Form
ICW Group's Job Hazard Analysis Form
Download Excel
Job Hazard Analysis Form Example
Download PDF
7 Steps to Job Hazard Analysis
ICW Group's 7 Steps Job Hazard Analysis Infographic.
Download PDF
5 Tips for Impactful Observations
Download PDF
Root Cause Investigation
Download PDF