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S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 2. Do “MORE” to STEP UP Your Safety Program

Did you know disengaged workers have 49% more accidents? Get tips on how you can do “MORE” to Motivate, Observe, Reinforce and Engage employees in your safety efforts in STEP 2 of our 5-part Safety Certificate Series.

Join us for the certificate program! Simply register for the series and watch the first two presentations on-demand. You’ll be on your way to earning your S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate!

You’ll learn in this second webinar:

  • 8 ways to motivate your employees around safety.
  • Tips to make your safety observations more powerful.
  • Best practices for implementing employee engagement programs.

Download these helpful STEP UP to Safety resources mentioned in the webinar!

Step 2: STEP UP to Safety Manager’s Workbook
Download Word
Safety Observation Template
Download PDF
Safety Reinforcement Assessment
Download PDF
STEP UP Safety Plan & Track
Download PDF
Webinar Presentation Handout
Download PDF

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